Marking with replaceable needles!
Hard metal tip safe and permanent!

Plastic shaft, quick drop mechanism, light weight

Proven technology with plastic shaft and alu adapter - the lighter model. The grip area provides an economic transmission of force. The HM needle is fixed absolutely safe by the strong chuck mechanism. Integrated into a brass jacket fitted with a retention rim, the needle is pefectly protected against loss. As a protection retract the needle into its casing by using the push button. Needle working length 10 mm, resharpenable and replaceable. Scribings up to 60 HRC.

  • TopForm No. 255.1
    150 x Ø 9,5 mm PU: 20 pcs

    Hardmetal spare needles No. 230.1
    32 x 2 mm Ø PU: 20 pcs

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