Hard metal twin tip saves costs
Keep trips to the grinder rare by storing several replacement needles
inside the holder and re-sharpening them all at once when blunted

A light-weight, extremely handy scriber with a silver lacquered plastic grip casing. The strong chuck ensures a firm grip on the needle while work is in process. The feed mechanism releases the needle only after pressing the push button and transports it forward without falling out.

The clip ensures an easy fixing at the workwear. As protection push the needle back into the chuck head.

A solid hard metal needle with sharpened twin tip in a length of 35 mm. Cost efficiently, can be re-sharpened from both sides up to a total of 10 mm.

Each scriber in transparent package.

Cost-saving hint:

Three additional needles can be stored in the holder. Thus another trip to the grinding machine or the tool store becomes necessary only after 8 tips have been blunted.

  • PRIMUS Nr. 260.1
    150 x 9,5 mm Ø PU: 20 pieces

    Primus hard metal spare needle Nr. 265.1
    35 x 2 mm Ø PU: 20 pieces

More details in the corresponding brochure PRIMUS (1,03MByte)
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